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Women are often a mystery to guys. Men, obviously, know that they’re constantly ready and eager to have sex. At the same time, men are usually mystified why the women in their lives don’t feel the same way. The obvious conclusion that a lot of men come to is simply that women are wired differently. Many, or even most men, think that women just don’t have much of a sex drive. It’s even more mystifying because every guy out there will tell you just how satisfied their lovers are. Why aren’t women more eager for sex when they’re obviously having such a great time in bed.

Well, the unfortunate answer is that most men are horribly misguided about their performance. The world’s full of men who think they’re satisfying women, but who are actually leaving them unsatisfied. To rephrase it in a way that guys will grasp, imagine that almost every sexual encounter in your life simply resulted in blue balls. No matter what kind of emotional connection you felt with someone, you probably wouldn’t't be that eager to jump in bed with them. But, like most women do now, you’d also probably fake it for their benefit.

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And this is where the Sex God Blueprint comes in. The pdf details everything a guy should know about sex. The big difference from most sex advice is where the information comes from. When most guys think about sex advice, they usually wind up getting it from other guys. And sadly, these guys are typically also just being humored in bed. It’s a huge circle of bad advice traveling from one misguided guy to another. The Sex God Blueprint is different because it takes what is a mysteriously rare path to satisfying women. It’s the result of actually talking to women about what they like and dislike in bed. Like most common sense ideas, it’s actually a pretty uncommon approach. But it’s also an approach which leads to fantastic results. If there’s one central message to this review, it’s that women go wild for men who understand them.

For example, consider the issue of foreplay and seduction. Every guy out there knows that women need a little warming up to really enjoy things. What guys don’t understand is that foreplay isn’t some mysterious alien language. Sex has always been something between a man and a woman. But a lot of guys think of foreplay as something that’s only for women. The reality is that foreplay is really about men being men, and women being women. Sure, every now and then a long erotic massage can lead to a good time. But can you imagine our wild ancestors actually doing that? Were the rugged and lustful pioneers who forged new countries and conquered the land spending the day putting out scented candles and oils? Of course not! The men of the past knew that women loved a guy overcome with passion and lust. But it’s also one of those things which women can be a little reluctant to ask for. Asking for passion removes a lot of the appeal. But when asked anonymously, women are willing and eager to describe just how they want a fierce and passionate guy to want them and sweep them off to the bedroom.

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